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July 12, 2013

Date: Fri, 5 Jul 2013 12:20:53 +0000


As part of our consulting efforts on your behalf*, we feel it is necessary to bring up the issue, as damage control in the on going wake of the Snowden event, that an Obama who at times seems to be losing his sharpness, spunk or pizzazz in his TV appearances of all types recently, is creating a threat in itself.

And gradually, over a period months-but crowned now by Snowden-Obama is taking on the guise of hollow, figure-head President who is clearly perceptible now as having little influence whatsoever in US policy of any kind-not just in regards to US international projection.

Most devastating, in our analysis, was the Republican Party revival of sorts that took place in Tanzania last week in which a Democrat President-as well as a black man!-acted as a kind of butler-host to a clearly Republican-Pentagon agenda happening!

And we believe that a decision must be made regarding the use you will make now of the figure of Obama himself, for his progressive background that once served us is now in stark contrast with his perception on the part of the public at the present time.

Hence our concern.

-We feel his assassination, as a JFK repeat, would take too long to solidly develop enough to preclude public scrutiny and eventual disclosure.

-His further swamping in even more crisis would seem to be the best course to follow in a general sense, but we are concerned with the possible core-value brand damage done to the US Presidency itself-and the lack of respect Obama is clearly the object of could irreparably effect people’s perception-especially internationally-of the office itself.

The same now could be said also of the US Senate, which is also suffering, in the mind of the public, a certain demeaning at the hands of the higher powers of Washington (i.e., the Pentagon as a kind of privately owned entity of the economic elite)

And the problem with this, ultimately, is the demoralization of world society itself and a severe blow to American soft/smart power.

-The sudden appearance, then, of a 911 event albeit not as critically dramatic would seem also to be an option that would give Obama the opportunity to regain control in the eyes of the public while also reinforcing a justification for the further bunkerization of American political cultural and society itself-that would further strengthen the cyber warfare scenario that you are clearly committed to and that could be also itself be chipped away at and severely weakened at the hands of Snowden.

In short, we feel its time to scramble, guys!

At your service, as always.

Stay hard and keep America, America!

Consultant: Agent Orange


*Particular statement as well as the whole text itself is a fictionalization. And you know from whom-You know!

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