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July 13, 2013


Washington DC, July 13, 2013


I consider as the gravest of developments, given the real circumstances in which  humanity currently finds itself, the now patent insolvency of US Democracy in regards to human rights, dignity of the individual and to its own legacy as an historical force of human progress, both in a technical and moral sense; I consider said legacy, although ambivalent in certain aspects, to have been essentially real, most especially in regards to its perception by world opinion since WWII up until the present; that although it has permanently engaged in subterfuge in regards to its own self-proclaimed, official political essence as in fact a Democracy, it has also struggled in what I now understand to have been in a tragic sense against its own collective psychological nature as impulse to imposition and dominance as a flawed component of its own historical, anthropological and sociological fabric; and that it has been especially in the last 20 years and in conjunction with the development and extension of new information management technologies that have lead to the present situation in which real political-economic and social order is under the de facto control of a less circumspect, less sophisticated and clearly reprobate faction of the US military and its corporate-political associates; but that this faction as part of the decades old struggle-since especially the 1950s-occupies now the core of United States techno-financial power as victor over other more enlightened American social-economic forces as sociological and political tendencies, does not exonerate me from seeking to salvage the underlying historical value as something of a world utility the United States of America has represented for world stability and peace.

It is from the standpoint of world society perception of the US, most importantly, that I feel I must work to ensure the survival of it’s better nature in regards to what I  consider to be an historically sincere, collective commitment to the better nature of European Enlightenment itself, although at present it is the darker, more sinister side of the Centuries of Light that allows one a better understanding of the shadows and darkness of the human condition and of human experience, currently.

And I am not ready, at the present point in time, to see it’s semiotic value vanish from the social-political horizon of world governance as a resource in regards to the stability of what is left of world social-economic order, currently.

And most particularly it is in regards to historical capitalism and the certainly imperfect satisfaction of human material need that I and the people I represent wish to retain, for the time being, the current configuration, not just of all things economic, but of the individual and collective psyche of man as conditioned exactly by capitalist reality, although you clearly should understand that it is undergoing a period of dramatic transformation.

But life in the world as you know it, subject to the toil of work and by an existence that needs to be artificially injected with a certain drama of life to keep you going strong in an animated, frenzied-but stable and essentially calm- daydream as laborer-consumer, is for us an instrument of psychological-vital comfort and functional stability around which the administration and management of human, technically complex societies can take place.

And the spirit of the group of individuals I answer to is of a most conservatively prudent nature and mettle in regards to collective stability, for it is psychological security as comfort itself, both for the individual and collectively that is the bread of human experience and it is-and has always been-the meat of our policy.

But not only on bread and meat alone does man live!

And Procter and Gamble’s-and Unilever’s-and the Coca Cola Corporation’s inability to understand just this is, still today, the very heart of the limitations of man, and of human anthropological culture.

And your incapacity to understand this, still today, constitutes the greatest hindrance to our own policies and to the speed of the changes and evolution we need to affect and implement.


US President Barack Obama, as the formally legitimate and democratically elected executive figure of the US political-and military-apparatus, is now endowed with the same de facto protection that I am the object of as a representative of Orange;

That as US President and as the morally weighted and caring individual that he is, he is now free of any of the mechanisms of subtle and covert psychological oppression he has been subject by the Pentagon power structure he effectively has been held captive by up until now;

That from now forward he will never be the object of physical or psychological aggression by those in his immediate, spatial environment;

That all those elements within the US political-military apparatus he legitimately has authority over as US President will not seriously obstruct him in any way from now forward;

He will not be impeached, even if such a notion arises and is in fact attempted by the US Congress;

No member of his family, immediate, or otherwise will be subject to harassment, harried or pressured in any way;

His economic well-being and personal wealth will under no circumstance constitute an instrument of pressure as vulnerability to the covert forces of corporate-military imposition he has been captive to;

His electronic communications, both of a personal nature and regarding matters of state, will be inviolate in regards to the effective paraintelligence tutelage he has, up till now, been subject to as President, and neither will said channels of communication be used as a tool of psychological pressure as vulnerability.

In short, Mr Obama as President has at is disposal all those powers and privileges that constitutionally correspond to the office he has been twice elected to, being the object and effective consequence of this edict his real ability to exercise-both politically and as commander and chief of all US military forces-said powers to the best of his ability and in the manner and discretion he deems correct.

And we will enforce this authority and Mr Obama’s real and de facto ability to exercise it, unfailingly and permanently:


Harold Seth Knight



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