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July 16, 2013


And I need food to eat, clothes, a blanket and dwelling to keep me warm-and I probably need somebody to come along and turn my needs into the motor of his business model.

This personally has never been difficult for me to understand.

And I soon understood and accepted the capitalization, over the decades-and centuries-of corporate profits as the bedrock of collective material comfort.

And I saw this in its different stages and cultural avatars in different countries and continents, and I could even accept the deep, structural injustices to a certain extent it was always based on.

And it was clear, too, that the societies I knew and was able to partake in also accepted-also in different ways-this basic underlying social structure and stability.

But I had literature and was accompanied in my spirit by the artist-in all types and cultures of music, pictorial art, literature-cinema and political-moral history.

And it was the corporations who took care of my corporeal refuse, the lower level material garbage-such as food, furniture, cars, office materials, drone-life TV programs and films, and the Disney worlds for dumb people as mass consumers and their children’s t-shirts;

And I was free to give myself to what I knew to be most certainly more important, particularly, a permanent contemplation of the human condition, my fellow man and what life should really be and not what you are told by society-by culture, by any culture in particular.

And I never needed Marx, really, as a political theorist, although when I finally came face to face with his voice as anthropologist, I immediately made it mine, also.

And I see quite plainly that for any individual, no matter how well-heeled and perhaps religiously conservative, one cannot ignore the essential spiritual logos of Marx and the will of man to justice and the moral and humane treatment of people.

This is, of course, once the suffering of your fellow man has been intellectualized to the point that disregarding it brings on the psychological slab as guilt as weight in one’s conscience.

But you can always still hide in the mores of society that facilitates a certain insensitivity, based principally on ignorance and the drive in man-always unfailingly-to ease and comfort, most especially psychological, as human weakness itself.

And the greatest shelter from the storm of personal, physiological-intellectual truth is immoral society for moral men as individuals, just in the way Niebuhr outlines it in his book (1932);

And it is the nullification of the individual through patriotic nationalism as collective projection that can also be played on by others, to their own, often entirely self-serving needs, that historically obstructed the acceptance in the United States of the tenets of a Socialist heart and soul.

Another reason is the societal imposition of the understanding of the aggregate value of all individuals as strictly consumers with regards to systemic economic structure.

To the point that it historically became paramount to the interest of corporate America that everybody ended up, finally, understanding life itself strictly in terms of individual purchasing power.

Ultimately, you don’t have to worry about commies and socialist sympathizers in such a context.

Although it was not ever necessarily a logical implication that the financial power of America’s body masters as assmasters, would have seriously waned.

What would have happened is that they themselves would have been forced to rise as individuals from their ignorance as existential-cultural complacency;

And it would have been the morally weighted vision as passion of Socialism that would have given them a heart and soul-would have brought them to a higher ground as people as mensch.

Or at least they would not have been able to stop US society, overall, form rising.

Of course, once again, we are to factor in the historical circumstance of the individual and collective psychology of the WASP in the American (US) experience.

You can never forget that!

But in Europe after 1848, for better or for worse, it was not all bodies-Marx and the Communes of Paris gave Europe back her soul that the darker side of Enlightenment had all but smote.

The US, on the other hand, never underwent a similar process of correction of the malignancy of the Enlightenment itself with regards to the individual, but rather it marched on behind the advances of industrial, aggregate dominance over most importantly the psyche of people.

And there was no mercy historically in this sense.

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