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July 22, 2013



And face templates run through data bases, run through internet feeds means that from a single a computer terminal one could know, in real time, where a specific face template in question now finds him or herself as seen by any camera within in the US-or possibly beyond.

Or the last time and geographic position said face template as person was seen by potentially any surveillance camera connected anywhere, outside or-and this is important-inside any building, parking lot, office, mall, 7-Eleven or McDonald’s-anywhere there is in an fact an internet-based surveillance camera

How I do know?

Basic logic and because of the fact no film-that I am aware of-has yet to show this instrument as a surface level geostatic satellite surveillance system.

And they call this comparative advantage, the fact that you are at present unaware of it as an individual;

Although posteriorly, your eventual understanding of it becomes useful as a means of subliminal and permanent intimidation from then on.

But who really wants to be an individual, anyway?

It is most overrated:

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