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July 26, 2013




And the corporation already knew of this life form-for it had already lost a vessel to it; and it was its purity as a highly intelligent-almost rational-organism that killed without remorse and beyond morality that so fascinated the company’s shareholder-decision makers.

But the second crew could not know of the real purpose of the Nostromo’s mission-to serve as parasitic host and nourishment for this life form in its journey back to Earth to be studied, analyzed and harnessed as some form of weapon as instrument of imposition, most surely, over other human beings, in the end.

And listen to the man were the captain’s orders when personal conflict broke out between members of the Nostromo’s crew and Ash, the science officer; but Ash was an android with no soul-no remorse himself-just analytical thought and total and absolute aggression with regard to the corporation’s objectives and to his fellows.

And Ash was not human in order to co-exist with the captured specimen as its caretaker and guardian; to assure its infiltration of the ship-through the body of a crew member-and its survival in the early stages of its extrauterine life, once it had burst forth from the abdominal cavity of a crewmember.

And unawares, the crew itself was most expendable.

But for almost two generations now, audiences have been fascinated with the ambiance of this film, being the vague but precisely defined ship itself perhaps the most important character of all-along with the also ambiguously defined alien that is almost never seen in a full body image (at least in the first original film, being all the sequels examples of the simple, market-driven intellectual tawdriness of fast food Americana).

Except for its teeth, saliva and shed, snake-like skin.

And at one level, the film can be enjoyed as a galactic, Freddy Kruger suspense film of sequential, stalker death for each and everyone of the characters;

And for you as a spectator if you are unable to see through the special effects to the film’s intellectual and moral core: and it is man’s-your-inhumanity that the alien symbolizes in its vital need to kill and consume others as a life mode.

Our own alien foreignness to humanity as part of humanity itself.

But you are also the hero-the one who indeed began to understand the real intentions of Ash, the science officer; you are the one who rose up and fought back and had to kill to survive herself.

You felt this, but you never intellectualized it-never really understood exactly what you were seeing, for if you had the film would never have been made-or Scott would certainly never have made another film again-not in Hollywood, anyway!

And the true alien is the spirit of historical capitalism and its merciless utilitarian, non-reasoned science atop its always expendable consumer civilian population.

And trick-a socialist slight of hand-was played upon you in your inability to see the film’s moral message.

And to this today the last laugh is ours.

And I am the weaver of the tale!

Pleased to meet you, hope you guess my name!

Enjoy your Coke and popcorn:


Remember the color of the cat on board?

(Of course you do!)



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