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July 27, 2013




A well-balanced diet and exercise are probably positive in this sense; stop smoking-or at least smoke less and, of course, pay your taxes religiously.

Make sure you generally obey the law-especially when you know you would get caught if you didn’t, and it probably shouldn’t be held against you that you would attempt to hold yourself to a public persona of moral rectitude.

Generally, deception has its place socially, in regards to the maintaining of social order, cohesion and collective security as, more than anything, a generalized form of pleasantry, undisturbed-for all involved-by the brutality as the ugliness of truth-and truth is always ugly in its ability to shock and jolt when it is first understood by the individual.

But after all the violence and double talk, the greatest form of infrahumanity-of demeaned individuality-is self-deception, not as denial-a controlled use of denial by the individual is not necessarily negative-but rather banality-the invasion and occupying of one’s internal emotional and psychological core by frivolity.

And as you should clearly understand by now, when you live in frivolity at your deepest core-because its easier, hurts less-you naturally treat others with the same frivolity, also as a callous insensitivity to their possible feelings-to their very suffering as human beings-just as frivolity eases and hides your own.

And at that point, all is lost.

So, it is a good idea to be subjected, in some way externally, to superficial and spectacular specters of banality as the macabre, for it is a way of keeping you sensitive to its horror through your regular, visceral exposure to it;

And when you see it around you; when you are assaulted by it externally, you stay sharp and on edge emotionally in your interior.

This is what my boss does with me-and it thereby keeps you sharp and sensitive to the feelings, distress and suffering externally of others around you;

Keeps you sensitive, finally, to the value of human life itself.

And God do we need that (so to speak)!

Or at least I do:

(*Better check the date!)


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