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July 28, 2013

Orange Edict: 28Jul13

Lady L (1965)

Garden-like existence of Armand Denis and Lady L, under the cover of her eventual social-institutional function within British society-Armand being her life-long driver and former-though never retired, never claudicated-anarchist and true lover-husband; but it is their past and the continued existence of the outside world itself that continues to give, ultimately, meaning to them-especially to Armand-as spirited, passionate individuals, although they no longer take part in it-in the killing, deceit and general strife as imposition, in one way or another, of the real historical world.

Or: the intellectual-and human –dignity one could have found in spiritual and ideological opposition to the common man experience of human experience itself-especially within Industrial society (or even in underdeveloped areas of the world), did not free you, similarly, from dependence on that world which you understood, respected, but most necessarily distanced yourself from, physically-perhaps-but most importantly, in a spiritual-moral sense.

Never could you ever cease to contemplate your own identity based on opposition as really a dependence on exactly what you oppose-because in fact you need so desperately to oppose it, like oxygen itself.

So garden-like does your existence also become, as a space that you have managed to create-along with others (many others, it turns out!), that you work to keep clean, orderly and defined, in opposition to the dark forest-jungle as savagery and stupid brutality that surrounds you.

Is this condescendence?

It becomes that in the eyes of the semi-ignorant when they turn to defensively judge you as they judge, really, themselves, in the offense they may take through their own insecurity, self-felt inferiority (because they are clearly inferior in many ways and despite, often, astronomic bank account balances), and perhaps, also through their sense of guilt or fault.

And the original historical compromise that appeared to be reached over the course of human history was basically the idea, agreed to by all parties, that the world seemed to be a better place with the presence of a cultural, humanistic elite-of whatever origin and even, at times, social station.

It seems unnecessary-at least for me-to take up once again the deeper nuisances of Eisenhower’s Insolvency Speech, though you may need to glean a better idea of exactly what his words were referring to, for the aforementioned historical compromise as long since been invalidated, just as he predicted.

And simply, it is difficult to hold one’s self to an agreement or compromise that the other party never really understood, and therefore was unable to maintain; and oh how dangerous is a little understanding or ignorance itself.

The question is, rather, is life as the whole and spirited, critical and passionate human being all people have the right-the obligation-to breath life from, possible in a garden-like, artificial scenario or context-once the forest is raised, on a planetary level, and its darkness forever blotted out by the light?

I am referring, essentially, to anthropological culture itself.

Is a garden model of the human condition conceivable as a viable living context for collective, world humanity?

This could also be understood as the Red Hill, Reservoir model, with a Knight’s road bridge through the middle and out the other side;

A green reservoir in which, through a functional role reversal, the savagery of the forest-the savagery at man’s historical, anthropological core-can be thrown into and contained, in its own opposition, now, to the rest of free world, under Orange and abreast the seas of the real, outside world.

This, it seems to us (or at least to some of us-and especially to me personally), would be a form of fairness in our treatment of the complexities of the current moment, and to great swaths of global, human demographics.

But green is not good.

Green is immature and causes diarrhea if ingested.

And I was green once.

But the bridge is blue-and so is the parrot!

And you need time.

And you shall have it:





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