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August 2, 2013


The dignity of a naval officer-Bogart as captain of the USS Cain-is to be preserved with the utmost care; and to visually reinforce this idea, there is an army orderly standing at attention in the background of many of the shots of the captain of the Cain on the witness stand.

Because of this theatrics of institutional infallibility several circumstances are left rationally unaccounted for, although they weigh most heavily as cryptic, silent partners as specters over the whole of the proceedings:

-Bogart as captain, in addition to paranoia, becomes clinically delusional in his exercise of authority as naval captain because he depends psychologically on the reality of his vision of reality itself-it is a self-serving need on which his own coherence as an individual depends (due to his need to compensate for the self-felt inferiority he lives in, according to the Navy psychiatrist), and it therefore must necessarily be empirically true even if it can’t be confirmed-it becomes, for him, at the deepest level of his personality, a matter of survival and will therefore always be certain for him, no matter what actual evidence is presented in whatever sense.

-The captain, it becomes evident, will even lie-even he can understand this as in fact lying-if he needs to in order to hold on to his vision of reality (the tow line he allowed the ship to cross and cut; the fact that an officer confirmed that he had seen seaman eat the strawberries and that there was in fact no secret copy of a key made to pilfer food).

-Greenwald, because of the institutional need to keep certain aspects out of rational analysis, must end up psychologically blaming somebody-for he cannot, under any circumstances, openly criticize in a serious and significant manner US military institutions (and even its traditions); and he chooses to vent himself on Fred MacMurray-to come down hard and savagely on an individual who chose, in a most undignified manner, to abandon his fellow officers-and friends-by lying to protect his own career possibilities, when it is Navy (military) culture that foments just this.

But at least Fred MacMurray had the courage to come face, later, his comrades-and even allow the truth, finally, to be known.

And one cannot address things as they more accurately seem to be-in benefit, ultimately, of all involved- because Uncle Sam is not having that-will not ever openly and institutionally allow for serious and significant criticism of himself.

But you can get drunk, as Greenwald does.

Do you not see, once again, the difference between you and me?

Bottoms up, baby!



(Reason, rationality-beyond tradition-beyond culture itself)


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