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August 4, 2013


The superficiality-the flippancy-of its use could well denigrate the very semantic and sociological charge it still carries-and thereby denigrate and frivolize our understanding of actual historical events.

But not in regards to the use I make of it and to its semantic paraphernalia.

For the overall territory as intellectual space of my writing is founded above all on the concept of Golem, on the dehumanization of the individual as subject and how this ends up Golemizing those he can only see, because of this, as objects themselves-also, most dehumanized in the utilitarian treatment they are subjected to.

And it is, in this sense, hard not to see just this as the seed as psychological foundation of the German National Socialist experience-especially when it becomes the spirit, through not only natural historical-cultural circumstances-this is also true, I do not deny it-of a society and political system that takes its real legitimacy, now, form a shadow space of de facto, predatory dominance with regard to the bulk of social mass as strictly consumers, now at even a spiritual level of prostration-as object itself of the true forces of real governance.

How can you not approach, in your understanding of current reality, this semantic field?

The question of in what way things cannot currently be referred to or understood in such light, would seem more of interest to me.

And yes: most obviously do I have an interest in understanding and being able to answer just that question, also.




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