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September 25, 2013


Both visual and written world media, as of some years ago, presents a certain dichotomy, overall, between images of bombed out Syrian towns and cities-for example (or Detroit, New York city after the hurricane; Acapulco, streets in Spain and Greece; Libya and Mali in war, or the concept, recently brought back, of North American ghost towns), juxtaposed-however vaguely- with images of events as happenings, due to whatever reason or cause for protest, revolution, the running of a marathon or parades as celebrations;

China and India-or Pakistan-however, are held to be effervescent in regards to their populations, and yet their economies and currencies also are said to hinge more and more-at least India´s- on the Federal Reserve´s 85 billion dollar monthly cash injection.

And as we persist in our denial in regards to the real cause behind global, economic decline-for 6 years, now-we are soothed, enticed and lifted in spirit-perhaps-by images of vigorous and massive crowds as part of any event anywhere in the world, now and into the future;

Mostly full stadium audiences as televised sports events-anywhere as well, in the world-also help.

Or observe the images of empty streets in the abundant zombie genre of Hollywood and US television production, also in the last 10 years or so-and even in published literature.

This is what, at a global level, your mind is being exposed to visually and in terms of mental images;

Does this seem useful to you when you stop and look out the window, or observe the flow of human vitality around you?

It should, in that what you behold shouldn´t shock you:

That´s the whole point of it all.

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