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October 8, 2013


Weaning (weeding) out the simian:

Not in man but in regards to the foundation of collective existence through the manipulation of man’s psychology-physiology.

But Joe the Plumber, at whatever professional, social or salary level-as part of whatever historically and geographically defined cultural ambit, is not going to stand back and allow that to happen-once he understands it, finally, for what it is.

Never will he have the capacity to achieve a point of circumspect maturity at the expense of his vital need-as, really, existential curse-to be by and through his own imposition.


So destroy him, in this sense-in his capacity to resist.


-Harness him as a force of definition of ourselves through his opposition to us-thus unfolding a story as spectacle as moral-intellectual tension.

-Harness him as a dumbing down as worker ant as consumer market strut-until no longer needed or in any way useful;

-Employ both options.



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