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October 13, 2013

Subject: FW: Hunter S. Thompson on line 3
Date: Wed, 21 Aug 2013 12:46:45 +0000

Subject: Hunter S. Thompson on line 3
Date: Wed, 21 Aug 2013 12:45:41 +0000


As a senior political reporter, first for the Atlanta Constitution and later for Knight-Ridder, Mr Remer Tyson, back in the mid to late 1980s, on numerous occasions expressed an open fear not so much of the person of George Bush Sr, but of the people around or associated with him; Reagan, according to Remer, was better at keeping at bay an extreme and radical religious element that he saw Bush father as much more vulnerable to-all this was as Reagan’s second term was drawing to a close.

I understood over the years that he was referring to the Jerry Falwell, the Krout’s bible belt mule train and the coming stampede-with all the droppings-on Washington DC.

They wanna rule the world, was their grand design, Remer would later comment with regards to George Bush Jr and what everybody called then the Neocons; but I’ve been thinking this over and what most puzzles me today is Reagan himself: what made him, in all his Ronald McDonald teflon clownishness, somehow more serious as a man of state than what was to come definitively next, up until the present-even despite, it is now clear, the Clinton years?

Was it California and Reagan’s particular and, more or less, lavish Hollywood past that defined him personally as much more sensible with regards to the fast-food of religion as a particularly American form of garbage in regards to politics?

Was it those Hollywood nights-the producers, financiers and floozies-who taught him the practicality of power and human exchange, and that, generally and on principle, religion is for bozos and, therefore dangerous in regards, ultimately, to matters of state or collective governance?

I mean lets face it, even somebody like Schwarzenegger knows-this was plainly clear for everyone to see-that religion is, if at all part of politics, an instrument of manipulation over certain sectors of society, and not something to actually be taken seriously by leaders themselves.

And Remer Tyson, who possess a rat-like cunning as a journalist (A.J. Liebling dixit) is himself a man who reads among many other things-many, many other things-the Bible from time to time; he even got me to a few Sunday services at one point.

Nothing like the killing and the usin’ and abusin’ of the Old Testament!

He also got me, back in ’87 (some time in September it must have been) to a press conference he covered for the Detroit Free Press that a Mr Jack Francis Kemp had come to town to give as jackass congressman who had decided he was going to veigh for the Republican party nomination for President -kina’ like he was owed something!

Now I know what that was about, too.

Kemp got his ass kicked by the group of journalist who were there-there were only journalist present, anyway-but those most certainly were different times when it wasn’t easy to bullshit reporters.

Too much New Testament on the part of this prototype as Christian man of state as zealot!

A most dangerous game when the man of state is a dumbass himself.

A most dangerous game indeed!

You ready to play?

You roll first.




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