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October 13, 2013



Conservative is man himself, in our sense of self preservation-enticed as a form of counterbalance by our need to be through the transgression of our own perceived limits.

But there is no sense or value whatsoever in defining one’s self politically as in opposition to those people and groups who are trapped within their own personal psychology of vital imposition albeit unrestrained and unruly in spirit due to their own sense of perceived power as privilege over the rest of society.

This is not conservative-this is simply unruly as unfettered will to impose one’s self in total disregard for others.

And people who go by this label are not really concerned about conserving anything except their own positions of dominance-always logically over others, in the end.

Frankly, we don’t understand this as conservative-a better word, in our opinion would be more like preservation with its subtly nuanced connotation of futility as in opposition to something that is naturally inevitable.

Like defecation, aging and organic corruption, finally.

Man lives in tension between natural extremes as poles of continuums-it is these poles as continuums as contexts of tension in which people live that must be understood as exactly that-as continuums.

And there is not one side without the other;

That the one cannot be without the other.

Conservatives, as you understand yourselves today, do not understand this.

Their own identification, often as the busy bodies of innovation and the body world of material comfort as business, finance and all things MBA,  makes them today unequipped intellectually and morally to understand that this very spirit is not appropriate to be forced as absolute vital mode on the rest of society;

It is not apt as an absolute with regards to the totality of one’s existential context as personal and collective vital universe.

But this is all you really offer-an offer that has, for decades now, been more of an imposition as an offer we can’t refuse.

And it has become a most ugly and forlorn simplification of human experience, imposed now, on everyone as the spirit of the times-as the giest of our decent into a Spengler-like dissolution of Western man.

You haven’t conserved-you have petrified, mummified the spirit and soul of man, to confine us, now strictly to body experience, as long as one is in fact in possession of body.

Is not this really why I need a job, today in America?

What other reason do I really have for striving, vitally forward, in life, today?

You place no other value, really, on anything except my being able to purchase what you, in the end, manufacture or have some kind of financial stake in.

What have you really conserved and protected with regards to the truth and real meat of human vital experience?

Disney world has never been enough, people-but you no longer understand this.

You have conserved, in your fear and your small-mindedness as your own petty will to self-imposition, only the body-pathetically and with all the quite logical natural limitations the body has.

But you have never really been about life, anyway.

Have you?

Or at least not since Ronald Reagan (or Thatcher).


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