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October 19, 2013


Systemic control of social order has never-ever-truly been democratic in the sense that it is vulnerable to-not just the whims-but the limited ability for the common man, within in his most common and local milieu of body life as the satisfactions of his most immediate needs and those of his family (or even immediate community) to apprehend the scale and complexity-ever increasing especially as of the Industrial Revolution, but also before-of collective, multi-system, anthropological contexts.


The elliptical nature of the self-of rational awareness and the sub-conscious as the dark and light in the core of the individual-and the twisted, baroque-like architecture of denial, repression and aggression that serves as its skeletal foundation-becomes the projected base of collective, anthropological culture itself;

In regards to Democracy, the destructive consequences of this dark/light game of peek a boo as pitted game of flirtation between knowing and the ease of one-dimensional non circumspect and invigorating action, simply, are amplified in their intensity and depth by the popular vote itself.

For just as the forces of persuasion as the publicly licit modus operandi of Democratic governance appeal directly to individuals-and naturally accommodate and adapt to the mechanisms of human psychology-inevitably-also is it inevitable that the heart of veiled but true power will eventually succumb itself to the whims, inconsistencies and dead-ends of that very same internal, non circumspect irrationality, just as the crack, cocaine or pot dealer quite frequently ends up victim of his own product and/or the very circumstances, in some way or another, he feeds himself off of;

Because the popular vote is based tacitly on a giving to the people what the people as child want-feel-or are made to feel they want-but not what, according to higher criteria, could be understood as better or more wholesome for broader collective and systemic interests-because there ends up being almost no other criteria accept the mechanism itself-almost beyond any stated and clear objective whatsoever;

And through the twisted meanders of the baroque within human psychology, power itself falls victim to its own emptiness in terms of utilitarian and instrumental mechanisms as ploys originally developed out of what are simply modes of manipulation-often through a sense of true morally pinned conviction and duty-in a most genuine sense-from the standpoint of the individual:

For contrary to what we are often made to believe in regard to human nature, man cannot live outside of some form of moral bearing, in some way or another-and the true fiend as diabolical and exploitive manipulator is more of a caricature-a simplification as symbol we are all easily convinced of in regards to rivals and political-ideological foes;

This is, in fact, one of the most easily used ploys-tricks in the book-in regards to the manipulation of individuals and thus the masses, as well-as the kindling of man’s sense of moral outrage based on the perceived bad faith of another.

But historically, the best and shrewdest forms of governance as practical policies of just stability, in the end-always far from the maddening crowd as the nobler side of tacit and incorporeal de facto control-become themselves void-like in an intellectual sense, spiraling down themselves into conditioned psychological mechanisms of preservation as ease.

And with this comes the inability to re-interpret and revise-and therefore renew one’s understanding of-the intricacies of reality and flow of individual and collective human perception through time.

But it is in human perception where all begins and ends, and where the game is played-never entirely lost and never truly and definitively won, either.

And yes: corporeal perception through the senses is the downfall-form a certain standpoint-of the state of intellectual-vital well-being as, simply, ease;

And the greatest way to truly fuck somebody-to aggressively bear down on your opponent as circumstantial rival or foe, is to pull them out of that sense of ease as identity-really-that they so desperately cling to.

Logic: the 357 Magnum of the power dealer of death, out there on the street.

But if you are the Dirty Harry of truth as the power of awareness exercised through the afferent cognitive mechanisms of others, you must live and excel, vitally, yourself in logic-and this is no easy task, for you are yourself an individual subjected to your own baroque psychology of need, desire and self-imposition as the fate of man and his way of relating to reality.

But your effort to ride atop your own physiological turmoil in your psychology-so that you can instrumentalize just this as a constructive and vital pedagogy of violence as the imposition of awareness through logic with regards to others and in function of criteria of truth, ends up-quite easily and quickly-being perceived as a form of –almost monstrous-care with regards to your fellow man.

For you bring to him the dentist chair and the drill-and your power is to prevent him form rising up and refusing to endure anymore;

Love eventually and finally becomes his understanding that this is not an option.

But you are forcing him only not to turn from what is unpleasant, disturbing and deeply painful-for his own good.

Implied is the fact that you most certainly know what is in his true better interest, which he at first cannot understand.

The good thing, however, is that he doesn’t have to pay for it, whether under “Obamacare” or not.

At least you have that going for you:


Dead or alive, what’s the difference to you?

Better start by ignoring the question itself.


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