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WWII can be understood as, in its original causes, a war of science. And science, in the working hypothesis I use of it, is human will to imposition through Man’s rationality.

And Man is all about imposition as a means to obtaining comfort through existential security, in our psychology and also through institutional and political policies, as, historically, an extrapolation of the this basic psychology of the individual.

And the ability to impose one’s self on reality and others, through a relationship of dominance or through science its self, is power.

But the development of the atomic bomb was not really the fatal scientific development that we often understand it to be, and in the way that it can be said to have articulated the political power structure of the planet after 1945 or the early 50s.

The true downfall for man as scientific development gone wild, was actually before the war, and was the essence to the causes of the war itself.

I am referring to the conceptual model conceived and firmly established by 1928 regarding genetics and the concept of biological life moving through time.

That this was universally established throughout the world scientific community by that time led, in a clear and direct way, to the nationalistic drives to conquest by both Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan.

But in 1935 a Korean scientist working in Japan also brought forth scientific and conceptual insight that might-and should-have forced the world to see things in a different way and to mitigate, in general, Man’s frenetic obsession with his is own identity always, and ceaselessly-it seems-as imposition over others.

And this insight is contained in what is known as the “Triangle of U” and the direct inferences it allows for: that human contemplation of the historical integrity of a specific genetic configuration at a specific point in time in regards to any biological organism, is an illusion.

And that drawing on this illusion in the form of racial, political and nationalist identity is total, and complete intellectual fallacy.

But these inferences where never made in a politically significant way.

And it is out of this context that I see myself and the driving force of my labor in general and of this blog in particular: I am that intellectual who never appeared on the scene after 1935 to  intellectually deal with technical and scientific data, that because of its very technical nature and due to the demands of human imposition as policy made on it, was never thoroughly understood and used as points for further rational inference at a much broader, abstract and humanistic level.

And this is still, in many ways, the same problem we are dealing with today.

It is exactly what Eisenhower warned against and it has effectively turned the former general and US president in to a prophet of sorts of the death knell of the human species on planet Earth.

And just as he warned, its manifestation today, in consumer society, is the power of money itself and how this is still, today, not gravely considered.

And it has degraded the human condition itself, as conceptually understood as cows that are to be exploited for what they produce as consumers and in their vital drive to satisfy their needs.

And the farmer, in his short term obsession for a good financial crop and in all his practical shrewdness at exploiting his human livestock, lost all connection with higher, moral truth.

Because he had no real technical use for moral truth, that he could see or understand in all his practicality and in all his efficiency.

But he has science, oh yes, for this is where his practicality and human will as imposition has taken him.

But because of his lack of abstract, intellectual foresight, he has poisoned his seed, made his cows miserable and burned his farmhouse and barn to the ground.

And he needs help.

And human culture now must be globally managed by a human authority with the power to do just that.

And it is in this sense that I affirm that historical human, anthropological culture is over.

Welcome to a new world!



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